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Northridge lock and safe offers the best key duplication services. Our professional staff will help you to create an extra copy of the original key using state-of-the-art key cutting equipment. This guarantees you quality and efficient services from the most qualified locksmiths. Highly qualified locksmiths who understand the functionality of most locks and the related keys offer our key duplication service.

As you know, key duplication comes in handy when you want to have a spare key that you can use in case you forgot or lost the original key. Also, if you are living with a close friend, you can duplicate to avoid the inconvenience of having to wait for hours to gain access to your home.

At Northridge lock and safe, we offer critical duplication services for residential, commercial, and automobile owners. Using the best equipment and advanced technologies, you can always count on us for key duplication. We use high-quality key blanks for making the duplicate keys. Besides, we are highly available, and so you are guaranteed service delivery no matter the time of day or night. We also work over the weekends and the holidays.

Here are some of the reasons our customers have shown trust in our services.

  1. We are experienced, professional locksmiths

At Locksmith Northridge, we have been in business for decades, and we understand what the customer wants. This allows us to achieve a top rating status for all the services that we offer. Therefore, you can always contact us for the vital duplication and rest assured that using our experience; we shall provide you excellent results.

  1. Efficient and Quality Services

We use high-quality key blanks, and this makes us a trusted brand when it comes to crucial duplication. Our technicians ensure they deliver quality services, guaranteeing our customers the best results. This has enabled Locksmith Northridge to gain popularity when it comes to crucial duplication.


  1. 100% customer satisfaction

We guarantee our customers 100% satisfaction. By using advanced equipment, we have been able to ensure that our customers have an enjoyable experience. With every duplicate key made by Locksmith Northridge, our customers experience the best results and experience. The duplicate key works smoothly, just like the original key.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the duplicate key last?

Locksmith Northridge uses high-quality key blanks when making duplicate keys. Therefore, you are assured that the duplicate key will last for an extended period. Contact Locksmith Northridge for long-lasting vital duplicates.

Will the duplicate vital damage the locks?

Duplicate keys work in the same way the original copy does. There has not been and neither will there be an incident where the duplicate key made by Locksmith Northridge damages the lock. Our professional locksmiths make high-quality duplicates that work well, just like the original copy. Trust us for the best results.

Contact Locksmith Northridge for essential duplication service. We have stood the test of time and provided excellent services to our customers in the past.

We have been able to ensure that our customers have an enjoyable experience