What to do when you lose your house or car keys?

What to do when you lose your house or car keys?

You’ve got a lot to do today, and very little time to do it. As you reach for your keys, you realize they are not where you assumed you had left them.

Northridge Locksmith (818) 296-1032
Northridge Locksmith (818) 296-1032

A feeling of hysteria starts to set in. What do you do? Without them you can’t drive anywhere, and at this rate you’re going to throw off your entire schedule.

Fortunately, you aren’t alone. Forgetting the whereabouts of keys is quite a frequent offense in many homes. When time is of the essence, it becomes all the more important to find them as quickly as possible. Before declaring them lost and the situation hopeless, take deep breaths and attempt to calm down. Clear your mind and try to recall where you last saw your keys. If you’re sure that they absolutely must be somewhere in the house, begin to retrace steps. Very often when people come home, they haphazardly place their keys wherever they may drop in the flurry to remove coats, mittens and other accessories. Be sure to inspect the areas around doorways, not forgetting to include any and all tables and chairs.

Keys can often end up in places that defy logic, so this should also not be ruled out. Try looking around the inside of your kitchen cupboards, in bathroom medicine cabinets, even inside or on the rims of the toilet, sink or bathtub. Between and under couch cushions, around the TV or other entertainment centers, and under the furniture are also prime spots to inspect. Make sure to check each area as thoroughly as you can manage before moving on.

When all else fails and your keys simply are not anywhere to be found, there is no need to lose sleep at night. Simply pick up the phone and call Northridge Lock And Safe, we are here to help you


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How to act in an emergency lockout satiation?

How to act in an emergency lockout satiation?

It’s happened to all of us. You’ve had something else on your mind while you’re shopping, visiting restaurants, going to the movies or playground. You come back to your car, reach for your keys and — they’re not there. Did you drop them or leave them behind some place? Did someone take them? How are you going to get into your car — or back into your house?

Most of us know the feeling of panic that rises up immediately when keys are misplaced or lost. It can be especially unnerving at night, and in bad weather. If you have children with you, a lockout situation can become nightmarish with fear not only for your own safety, but theirs.
The first thing to keep in mind is to fight down that panic sensation. Take a few deep breaths and relax. Remain calm and be patient with yourself and those around you — don’t give way to anger or blame. Just find the keys. Check every pocket, purse and shopping bag. If family members or friends are with you, make sure they do the same — including small children. Go through strollers, carriers, supply bags, slings. You’d be surprised at some of the bizarre places you might have put those keys! Go back in your mind to where you last had the keys and try to retrace your actions. Did you visit the rest room anywhere? Could they have fallen out of your pocket or purse? If you have a cell phone with you, call the places you visited and see if the keys have been turned in.
When all else fails and you simply can’t find the keys anywhere, remain calm. If you have a cell phone,call Northridge Lock And Safe emergency Locksmith at (818) 296-1032. (Store this number on your cell phone now — you’ll be glad you did.) If you don’t own a cell phone, always carry enough change with you to use a pay phone, and call Northridge Locksmith from there. We are here 24-7 to help you!
Locksmith Northridge  (818) 296-1032

7 Ways to Extract a Key Stuck in Door Lock

key stuck in door lock7 Ways to Extract a Key Stuck in Door Lock

It can be very frustrating to leave in the morning and feel your key breaking in the lock just before you head off to work. As a matter of fact, it’s most people’s worst nightmare, especially if you own a home or business.

However, there is no need to worry. We’ve assembled 7 ways to extract your key stuck in door lock without having to call a locksmith right away.

So if you have the time and patience to stick with what we’re about to show you, you’re in luck.

Extracting a key stuck in door lock will depend on a few things: how far it’s lodged in the cylinder, what tools you have on hand, and how much time you ultimately have to solve this problem.

  1. Try using your hands first

    • Assuming there’s enough of the key still sticking out of the lock, try and pry it out the best you can.
  2. Use a flathead screwdriver to try to pry the key out

    • This method works best when the key isn’t sticking out of the lock.
  3. Use Needle Nose Pliers

    • If you have a swiss army knife or something like it on hand, you can use this tool to grip the edges of the broken key and pull it out slowly but surely. You can also use needle nose pliers to turn the lock itself if the key is too hard to extract.
  4. Use an Extractor Tool

    • For this method, you will want to first spray the lock with a lubricant to help the key slide out easily. Next, you’ll want to align the cylinder to either a locked or unlocked position. After that, you’ll want to locate the large groove on the side of the key and find the best spot for the extractor tool to fit. Next, insert the proper extractor tool until it hooks the bitting, or the groove, of the key fragment. Then, twist it slightly, and pull. It might take a few times, but once you get used to the motion, the key should come out eventually.
  5. Push the key

    • Sometimes, locks have removable cylinders that let you repair the lock mechanism if it’s starting to grind and get old. If this is the case, you can simply push the key out from the back after removing the cylinder from the lock.
  6.  Make a Mini Saw Blade

    • Make your own broken key extractor tool by buying a mini jigsaw blade from a nearby hardware store. You’ll want to break off the end of one of these blades so that it will fit into the lock. Make sure to cover up the other end with duct tape or some other adhesive to protect your hand. After the lock is lubricated, insert the saw blade into the cylinder with the teeth facing up. Wiggle it around until you hook one of the grooves on the key. Then twist it just like you would with the extractor tool, and pull the key out. This will take some practice, but be persistent, and your key will rear its pretty head soon enough.
  7. Tapping the Lock

    • The key cylinder is just like any other metal object, so you may be able to get the key to fall out of the cylinder by just tapping the lock a few times against the edge of a hard surface. Just make sure to keep the keyhole open so that the key can slide out. Even if it doesn’t come all the way out, you can eventually pull the sucker out with some needle nose pliers as the key is bound to move a bit after a few hits.

Hopefully, you’ve been able to extract your key stuck in door lock by the end of this post. But if you’re still having some trouble, try giving your local locksmith a call. They have the tools and resources needed to get you unstuck fast and save you a ton of time.

Northridge Lock and Safe has a decade of experience extracting locks of all sizes for clients all over the Valley. Therefore, if you are still having problems with your key, don’t hesitate to give us a call right away. We are local and right around the corner from you in most cases. Additionally, we offer affordable prices for the broken key extraction and can meet you at your location in less than 20 minutes. We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with our work, so call (818) 296-1032 today!

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