Top rated Entry Door Locks for 2020


Front door locks have been part of the human civilization for centuries as they provide a sense of safety and security. Like all other aspects of the life, technological innovations have also greatly impacted the door locks in various ways. This is why the amount of available locks is overwhelming to choose from.

While selecting a front door lock for your home or office, always make sure that one you’ve chosen has an ANSI grade before you install it. Commonly used grade 3 locks are not as secure as grade 2 or grade 1 locks. Choosing a higher grade lock also provides you with peace of mind that you need as a security-conscious person.

Let’s take a look at some of the best-rated locks in 2020.

Kwikset 991 Juno Entry Knob

The ANSI Grade 1 Kwikset 991 Juno is a top seller and no-nonsense lock with the highest grade of residential lock security. The lock is available in multiple finishes including antique, satin nickel, polished brass and bronze to match tone your home’s existing hardware. This combo set is fairly easy to install and includes both the entry doorknob and a single cylinder deadbolt.

Kwikset 991 Juno features the famous smart Key system that allows you to rekey the locks quickly and easily at any time. Besides the lock bumping resistant mechanism, the lock comes with extra-long and sturdy kickplate bolts that make it hard to kick-in easily.

Schlage Connect Touchscreen Door Lock

For homeowners who are not willing to compromise security over style, ANSI grade 1 Schlage Connect Touchscreen is a perfect choice. The lock utilizes Z-Wave technology to connect to popular smart home systems like Wink and SmartThings and integrates well with Amazon Alexa through a compatible smart home hub. This feature gives you the convenience to remotely lock or unlock the door, see a log of activity, and host of other features depending on the smart home system device is connected to.

Of course, this lock grants keyless entry through a fingerprint-resistant screen that is explicitly designed to resist wear patterns and is a perfect fit for rental properties.

Schlage Camelot Keypad Entry with Flex-Lock and Accent Levers

Stop carrying keys and keep things simple with Schlage Camelot Keypad Entry with Flex-Lock. The exterior handle of the lock is paired with a keypad that enables you to configure unique entry codes and unlock the door without keys.
Two standout points of Schlage Camelot are its easy installation and a flex-lock, which allows you to keep the door unlocked. The lock comes with two pre-programmed unique codes which make the initial set-up super easy.

This model features 9V battery housed inside the lock so that extreme temperatures have minimum impact on battery life. However, if battery life is not optimal, it may be because of Power Locking, which activates if the lock cylinder is having trouble making a smooth transition to the lock position.

Kwikset Belleview Handleset

The elegant and stylish Kwikset Belleview Handleset adds value to the exterior of the home. This set comes with a curved handle and deadbolt for exterior access and a simple interior doorknob and deadbolt thumb turn. Packaging also includes all the screws and plates necessary to install it.

The ANSI Grade 3 is a deadbolt-only door lock that lacks a locking mechanism which means you will have to use your key to lock the door each time you go out. However, you can easily rekey the lock using Kwikset’s SmartKey mechanism.

Kwikset 660 Single Cylinder Deadbolt

A deadbolt is a traditional way to secure your homes, and the Kwikset 660 deadbolt is a venerable option. As a single cylinder deadbolt, it can only be opened with a key operated from the outer side of the lock, while a thumb turn controls the lock from the inside. This ANSI grade 3 no-nonsense deadbolt supports SmartKey technology and comes in multiple finishes to match the tone and texture of existing hardware.

Looking to fortify your home security with a top-rated lock? We are here to help. Locksmith Northridge provides same-day entry door lock installation services in the greater Los Angeles area. Our team of insured and licensed experts provides guaranteed service right at your doorstep 24/7.

Tips When Keys Are Locked In The Car

keys locked in the car (818) 296-1032If your keys locked in the car, you know how frustrating it can be. Assuming you’ve decided not to risk hiding an extra set of keys in your car, here are a few tips to get you back on the road.

Tips for Breaking a Side Window on a Car

  • If your window is not too expensive to replace, you can always try and break the window to get in.
  • You need something sharp. A hammer would surely be convenient but you will want to use the claw end. A screwdriver would also be handy. Maybe a golf club or a sturdy ice window scraper would do.
  • The center of a car glass window is the strongest. Try breaking the glass closer to the edge where it is weakest.
  • Tinted glass is the best because it will not shatter. The tint will hold it together yet still allow the glass to be broken and removed. Always choose the window furthest from a child to protect him or her from shattered glass spray.
  • It can be frustrating trying to get the glass to break when you do not have something sharp to get the job done. Keep calm and ask someone nearby if they can help. Beating relentlessly on a glass window without the proper tool will only cause you more stress.

If breaking a window is not an option, you can try opening the car yourself by:

  • Sliding a deflated blood pressure cuff in between the top corner of the driver’s side door
  • Blow the cuff up until there is a small gap creating an opening in the vehicle
  • Do not over expand the cuff because it could damage the door
  • Use a wire coat hanger or other long, skinny object that will fit
  • Squeeze the coat hanger into the opening and hit the unlock button

Obviously, most people do not have a blood pressure cuff lying around. Plus, it will probably take a little fiddling to get the cuff into the door. You really want to be careful about bending the door by over inflating the cuff. A damaged door can cost a whole lot more to repair than hiring a tow service.

Call A Locksmith And Retrieve Your Keys Locked In The Car

Again, we understand that most people do not have a blood pressure cuff lying around. It is certainly even less likely that you will have access to it at the exact moment you are locked out of the car.

Therefore, the best and simplest way to get your vehicle unlocked is to call a locksmith and then determine if you have a roadside assistance plan that will reimburse you. Our locksmith company is open 24 hours a day to help you get back into your car or home day or night. So call Northridge Lock and Safe at (818) 296-1032 and get a free quote over the phone right away!

Keep your car secure with Auto Locksmith

Keep your car secure with Auto Locksmith

The automotive locksmith Northridge is a niche industry, but only a few people realize its importance. In fact, there are many instances when car owners don’t even think of auto locksmiths until they find themselves locked out of their vehicles because they lost or misplaced their precious keys.

As one of the most important fields of locksmith services, automotive locksmiths specialize in catering to the needs of vehicle owners.
But, when do you really have to call in the help of an auto locksmith Northridge?

Below are some of the common scenarios that will necessitate the urgent attention and assistance of locksmith for cars.

Car Lockouts

Among the most common safeguard that expert locksmiths recommend to their customers is to always have some available spare keys so that if you need to conveniently access your vehicle, you will not end up stuck.
A car lockout can happen when your vehicle gets accidentally shut with its keys left inside.
If you are in the middle of nowhere and you don’t have spare keys to access to your vehicle, then, a 24 hour locksmith can help you out.

Misplaced or Broken KeysLocksmith Northridge

There are cases when your car keys can get misplaced or broken.
It will mean that there is no way for you to get inside your car.
Getting past this unfortunate situation means that you will also be stuck, unless an auto locksmith Northridge arrives to help you out.

There is really no foolproof outline that you can follow if you like to avoid breaking or losing your precious car keys.
Although you are probably following some safeguards to stop it from happening and ensure that your vehicle keys remain safe at all times, unexpected situations cannot be avoided at all costs. Thus, the need to know the best automotive locksmith services is definitely a big must.

A Lock Breach

It would also be worthy to mention that are instances when an attempted breach of your vehicle lock by car thieves can make it hard or impossible for you to gain access to your car.
If this happens, you might need to call on the assistance of an auto locksmith in Northridge to get the job done.

Unresponsive Ignition or Jammed LocksLocksmith in Northridge

Your vehicle lock can get jammed if you don’t use a smart key, and its lock will have to be opened up or replaced for you to gain access. Although this scenario can be pretty much unpredictable, the door lock and ignition can at times experience this mechanical glitch.

However, it is not out of reach of automotive locksmiths as they can remedy the problem right away when it happens.
They are experts who can provide you a way out for you to get back inside your car without wasting any time.

Some other instances which might make it essential to hire an auto locksmith in Northridge include a need for urgent spare keys, a faulty car alarm system, or keys that got trapped in the vehicle.

Security Tips

Security Tips

Security tipsOver the years we have seen many different security scenarios that effect both the individual and the business. Most people don’t realize the amount of protection and security that your home lock provides. First we recommend that everyone install and make use of the deadbolt. This type of lock comes in many forms and provides safety for many homes across America. The idea is that it hads the door shut with a steel pin allowing for entry of only the key holder. There are many benefits of this lock and it is recommended in every house hold. Studies have shown a decrease in home intrusions when this lock is installed on the premises.

When referring to your business or commercial space we recommend that you upgrade your security system by adding a smart control system. This includes CCTV as well as many other means of comfort and security systems. We also recommend adding sensors on all doors and windows to insure no one breaks in to your home at any hour of the night. If the sensor is triggered it will automatically contact the alarm company which in turn they will call the police if they find there has been an intrusion. Having this type of security at your business is crucial. Remember this is the place where you make your money and you don’t need to have it lacking security of any sort. In fact it would cost you more money if there was an intrusion or any information was ever stolen from the office.

Knowing how thieves work we can say with confidence that having a full security system is the most important first step in having a safe environment. A Deadbolt is the most basic lock available that provides the highest security. Knowing that there are bad people out there and knowing the proper steps to prevent it makes all the difference. We have a customer support team available 24/7 here to help you with any of your security questions or needs. Our goal is to make sure that you will away happy from ever transaction.

Locksmith Northridge

Innovation In the Industry

Innovation In the Industry

Innovation In the IndustryThe game has changed. Over the years there have been many attempts from various companies trying to create and develop the best security at the most simple roots. This in part has vastly affected our industry in many ways. We have seen changes in the everyday home locks to the lock mechanisms used in commercial safes. This comes down to the basic residential locks that have dramatically been updated over the years. Just about 100 years ago, we were using skeleton keys to secure our most valuable assets. We have come a long way since the past 100 years but there are still advances happening every day.

Some of the latest advances in door security would be biometric scanners what are used in place of a door handle lock. Biometric scanners are similar to the technology available on the new iPhone. Is allows the administrator of the system to access the lock by simply placing his finger on the scanner. This is a great convenience for people who often lose their keys or for someone looking for a great security feature to have in their home. Usually the companies that make these systems also provide other means of security. More like a smart home full of features that can make life safer and easier on a daily basis.

Some of the features that I have not mentioned yet are ring door bells that will notify you when someone is at the door. Beyond this it will also let you know when someone is at the door via your smartphone as well as show their face over the camera in the doorbell. In summary, it is important to realize and utilize the new technologies available to us. Not only do you have all of these technologies available to you any minute. All of them seem to be priced affordably so that everyone may have a chance to enjoy them. It is very important that you take advantage of these changing technologies. We are able to install these devices and many more for you directly. We can make great use of these technologies and apply them to your life today.

Locksmith Northridge

High security locks

High security locks

High security locksHave you ever wondered how its so easy for burglars to break into homes? That would be because the homes that they are breaking into have low security locks otherwise known as locks that are easy to maneuver and get through without breaking it so in some cases someone could break into your home and you could possibly not even know that it happened. This scares many people into thinking that they need so spend hundreds of dollars to get a lock that is of higher security and in all honestly something of high security can get expensive depending on the security that you are thinking of. Whether you want a basic deadbolt of a higher mechanism or you’re thinking of something along the lines of a keypad or a finger print lock that is where the prices start to raise quite a bit.

Is paying so much money worth it? Many people ask the same question and think whether they’re going to regret the high security lock purchase in the end but with research and talking with professionals on breaking into locks (being locksmiths). Its comes down to the conclusion that the cost is most definitely worth the safety. That’s why now a days you see expensive houses going on the market becoming even more expensive because the trend of smart houses has begun to raise in demand because many buyers want to know that they are getting the safety along with the price of the house. Homes now a days home with lock systems that you can control from your phone that even come with apps so that you can see when and who is at your front done when the system senses something.

The base of the question is whether or not high security is worth the price and the answer to this question is absolutely it is being that the security of you and your family are on the line. And how do locksmith take part in this equation? simple. They can help you find the best security lock for your home at the security level you feel suites your home and not only can they find it for you at a great piece but they can also install it for an amazing price as well! You and your family should always feel safe in the comfort of your own home so consider an upgrade to a high security lock today!

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Car Key Replacement Services in present times!

Car Key Replacement Services in present times!

Car Key ReplacementPreviously replacing a car key used to be a meek task where you can simply go to your local key cutter and the job will be done in merely 10$ or less. With advent in technology, these days the story is completely different. Nowadays not only the car keys unlock the doors but due to the transponder technology, they provide extra security as well.

Majority of people that drive or own a car have no idea the cost associated with losing their keys these days. Not only there is a need to pay hundreds of dollars but the owner needs to wait and take the time off the road as well. Recent statistics show that costs for replacement of a car key ranges from 260$ to 750$ with waiting time for ordering depends on the car locksmithyou dealing with, cutting and programming of the key excluded.

The latest innovation in the market is the keyless or the proximity key. It is a simple device that can be recognized by your car and will automatically unlock the doors and allow you to turn on the ignition of your car. Replacing such car keys is even more expensive than their remote counterparts ranging between 400$ to 800$.

Just imagine if you lose the whole keyset of your car. The costs for replacement and the time off road will be exceptionally higher as the car’s computer needs to be reset and re-programmed. All these facts seem to be heavy prices paid for such a small negligence. Although the sophisticated technology used in car keys may be beneficial but can become a headache in some cases as well.

In these situations, where you lose your car keys, it’s always a wise choice to call the professional locksmith services. Not only will they save you the hassle to go to them personally but they will come to your house and provide you with the best possible solution in the shortest span of time. Most locksmiths carry original keys with them while they may also have after-market keys. These keys may look different than the original keys but will cost less.

However, most people still tend to prefer directly buying keys from the dealership due to various reasons. Nonetheless with increasing car replacement key prices, many customers have shifted to utilizing services of their local locksmiths.

Variety of locksmiths offer various services to their esteemed clients in the best budget possible. In case of any mishap or accident, these professional locksmiths repair/change/install the lock, activate the transponder chip and even pick the lock when required. The equipment used by professional locksmiths is advanced which can hardly be found in any local hardware shops. Apart from the tools, a professional locksmith is equipped with the required knowledge and skills to deal with the underhand situation.

A good precaution would be to always have a replacement key for your car for emergency situations. You can call up your local locksmith service and get a replacement car key made or even replace your old worn out one with the new one.

Locksmith Northridge

Different types of locksmith

Different types of locksmith

Different types of locksmithA locksmith doesn’t simply replace or repair broken locks. There are more responsibilities and services that they provide. Technology and security is more advanced now and locksmiths have more to do now. With so many more new systems and types of locks, a locksmith might be an expert at only one or two main jobs. For example, one locksmith might excel at handling security systems while another locksmith deals with the more basic lock. These are different types of locksmith and the different services they provide according to their skills.

  1. Automobile locksmith

Cars are used every day and all the time. It is not uncommon for someone to be locked out of their car. If you have a spare key with you then that is not such a problem. But if you don’t have one and you are in a compromising situation, such as an isolated place, you need a locksmith. Modern cars have many features so the locksmith for an automatic car is at times different from the locksmith for a manual car. If you a vehicle with a smart key, then you need to look for a skilled locksmith who has the technical skills of handling different car lock systems.

  1. Residential Locksmith

This is the locksmith who takes care of you home security needs. This is one of the most common types of locksmith and they are always in great demand. We often face lock problems in our everyday lives and a residential locksmith can help with that. These problems include a jammed door, lost keys, and home security problems. You can also get a new set of keys made, among other services they provide.

  1. Commercial Locksmith

Commercial locksmiths are the ones who fix the locks in offices, schools and other commercial and public buildings. The locks and security requirements of such buildings vary from building to building and what it is used for. For example, a jewelry shop will have an advanced security system on the door while a school may have a security systems that require employees to use authorized key cards to enter. Many offices these days have a biometric system. Commercial locksmiths have to deal with these and more security and lock issues.

  1. Forensic Locksmith

A forensic locksmith has a very specific field of work and that is at a crime scene. He needs to have the skills and the tools to determine the locks at a crime scene that has been broken into or hacked into. Their job is to gather any available evidence regarding the lock that will help solve the crime. They have special tools that are created especially for their type of job.

Locksmith Northridge

Get High-Quality Safe Services by Professional Locksmith

Get High-Quality Safe Services by Professional Locksmith

Professional LocksmithIf you think that you require a Safe or have things of specific value, be they at work or in the home, then you ought to think about getting a safe to store them in. In this case, you should not go to your local DIY store to get one. You would want the safe to be professionally fitted and specified for it to give any genuine security; furthermore, you require some advice on what safe you ought to purchase. Choosing a solid locksmith is crucial to ensure the security because a specific expert has great assessments and commendations. Everyone would like to choose that specific individual who would be better on the evaluation. It’s the need of getting locksmith service from an expert who does not have a single bad evaluate or individuals don’t have a horrible estimation about him.

The Best Locksmith Safe Services:

Professional Locksmith Services offers aside assortment of safes including case safes for jewelry and weapons. It is a full-service locksmith who will help you pick a safe, introduce it in your home, and reset the password. Professional Locksmith has the majority of your favored brands of locks, safes, and keys, and will easily guide you toward the best fit for your security needs. For the individuals who have the equipment, common services incorporate fitting and duplicating keys, the changing of combinations, and significantly more. Besides, they have the experience and skill to handle each kind of lock, extending from collectibles to present day modern equipment.

When to call Professional Locksmith:

You can have inconveniences while locking the mechanical combination safe, and the majority of your assets will be left defenseless against burglary or harm. Professional Locksmith safe expert guarantee to play out whatever sort of safe repair it takes to get the mechanical combination safe to lock legitimately and secure your assets at the end of the day. Furthermore, there is no home or office that is invulnerable to flame or water harm, so the need of a heat proof safe is immensely high. Professional Locksmith safe expert can demonstrate all the distinctive sorts of choices you need to keep your essential items and documents secure and safeguarded.

Besides, Professional locksmith has a mobile locksmith service. Which implies regardless of where you’re having issues with your safe, their safe experts can come to you and play out whatever sort of service you require right there right then. With only one quick telephone call to Professional Locksmith’s client service delegates and one of their exceedingly trained professional safe experts will be on their route. So, if you have somehow lost the keys to your combination safe, or have forgotten the password or the combination of the safe, Professional Locksmith services can easily help you. Furthermore, even if your lock safe has locked you out or if you can’t get the mechanical safe to lock, Professional Locksmith safe experts have the devices and the training to handle any sort of issue.

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Why should you change Locks when moving to a New Place?

Why should you change Locks when moving to a New Place?

Moving can be a stressful event. There are so many things to get done, and many others to consider. One major point to avoid overlooking is the

Previous residents may have several copies of keys that can allow access to your home. Despite the fact that all keys are to be surrendered upon final sale, many people still have keys to their former dwellings. Not only does this cause a safety issue for the new residents, but it can also be a cause of insurance problems in the future.current locks on the building or home. As a new owner or lessee, it is important to change the locks.

Homes are often broken into by people who knew the previous owners. This is why it is very important to take the time to change the locks upon moving in. It should be one of the first things you do. As an added security, install a deadbolt lock if there isn’t one already there.

When changing locks, be sure to change locks on every enterance to the home. Do not forget basements and side doors that are not used often. These are usually the points of entry when being robbed.

Changing the locks when you move into a new place will provide you with security from the possibility that there are keys floating around out there. Put your mind to ease by changing the locks to protect your family and your assets.


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